Jun 10, 2022

What the I in AI Stands for

What is "intelligence" and what does the I in AI stand for? It seems that there is no agreement on what intelligence is even among the intelligence researchers!

On June 10, Dr. Christian Hugo Hoffmann is hosting a talk where he will introduce his new book "The Quest for a Universal Theory of Intelligence" and share his insights on what the I in AI stands for.

In this talk and in his book, Dr. Hoffmann is not introducing a new definition of intelligence. By contrast, his objective is to lay the cornerstone of a universal theory of intelligence, diminishing the uncertainty about the objects we apply the concept to. It not only describes what intelligence is, but comes with true explanatory power yielding orientation and clear as well as reliable predictions and elucidating why things are the way they are: for instance, why is a toaster less intelligent than my dog? Does it make sense at all to call a toaster intelligent? Would Google’s program AlphaGo outperform a professor in chess?

About Dr. Christian Hugo Hoffmann
Dr. Hoffmann is not only passionate about AI in academia, but also as a tech entrepreneur by heart who have founded three software start-ups in Germany, Switzerland, and Malawi.
Dr. Hoffmann studied philosophy and economics at leading universities throughout the world (LSE and Yale University among others), and he completed a Postdoc on Fintech at ETH Zurich.

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