Sep 22, 2021

ML6 x Google present: AI in Manufacturing & MLOps

We are happy to welcome our new resident ML6! Join for their first MeetUp on the AI Campus!

"Grüßt euch ihr lieben,

We, the ML6 Berlin - team, are very excited to announce our first event at our site at the AI Campus. Having just moved in this talk is a housewarming party to us (yes, there will be beers).

What is going to happen?

As a first speaker we will have Jens Bontinck. Heading the ML6 Labs unit from Belgium. Jens is leading our efforts for translating the ML6 strategy into a tactical and operational plan. In his talk he is going to share insights about our use cases in manufacturing. Jens has been featured as a speaker on multiple occasions (eg. Google Cloud Summit Amsterdam & Munich, Google Retail Event Zurich) and was invited as guest lecturer at KU Leuven and Hogeschool VIVES.

To top this off we are very honored to have Dr. Sören Petersen from Google on board. Sören is Senior Machine Learning Specialist and will share his view and knowledge of putting ML solutions in production. Being with Google for more than 5 years, we are very curious about his insights and experience.

Come as you are and bring your colleagues and friends!

The ML6 Berlin-team"
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