Sep 16, 2022

Founders Counsel: AI Hardware & European Sovereignty

Hear first-hand the learnings from the man behind 14 patents and 3 startups, Simon Knowles.

The Founders Counsel is quickly becoming a staple of the AI Campus, and this week the Founder and CTO of, Simon Knowles, is joining the chat with Merantix’s very own Rasmus Rothe.

They will center their talk around the current AI hardware trends, European sovereignty around the topic, competition, sales in this field, and much more!

About the speaker:

Simon Knowles is an engineer, scientist, entrepreneur, and AI expert. He started his career at the UK’s Defence Electronics Research Agency, after graduating from Cambridge University with a degree in Electrical Science. Kicking his career off, Simon headed ST Micro (the largest European semiconductor contract manufacturer and designer). He then co-founded his first company Element14, an ADSL chip company where he served as Vice President. Element 14 was acquired by Broadcom Corporation for $640M in 2000.
His second company Icera was acquired by Nvidia in 2011. He was the architect of Icera's unique DXP® processor architecture.
Graphcore is the third company that Simon founded. Their flagship product is the "Colossus“ IPU.

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