Jun 15, 2022

Data Centric AI in Practice

Join Clemens Viernickel and Mark Pfeiffer in this talk where they will cover the practice of machine learning model development with a special focus on the data curation and data selection.

The companies that are able to bring the highest performing models into production are the companies that are the most tactical and strategic around identifying issues with their models and fixing them with better data.

It requires many iterations taking into account model validation, real-world performance and covering long-tail data distributions in order to constantly update and improve the machine learning models. This process is known as “Data Centric AI” and the speakers will uncover what it takes to be one of the most advanced companies in this space.

About the speakers:

Before joining Scale, Clemens and Mark co-founded SiaSearch as the second Merantix venture to allow machine learning engineers to build better models in less time by streamlining data selection. In November 2021, SiaSearch got acquired by Scale AI, one of the fastest growing and most influential machine learning companies globally. At Scale AI they are now driving the development of Scale AI’s ML infrastructure products.

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