Sep 4, 2023

IFA Breakfast - Impactful AI & Shaping Tomorrow

Impactful AI goes beyond just performing tasks efficiently and it generates positive outcomes that improve human lives, contribute to progress, and address complex challenges!

Join us at the IFA Breakfast where we will explore how to leverage AI techniques to provide innovative solutions that were previously difficult or impossible to achieve, and ultimately tackle real-world challenges across domains such as healthcare, climate change, education, transportation, and more!

IFA Berlin is a longstanding innovation-focused conference to explore the latest global products and technologies, with IFA Berlin 2023 taking place on September 1-5th. Were thrilled to have IFA visit our campus for breakfast kick-off to discover the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence in shaping our lives and businesses.

Hosted by Merantix AI Campus and IFA Next, this event features expert speakers who will share their insights on how they are building impactful AI. 💡

🎤 Ran Roth (CEO of Sensibo): Ran Roth is on a mission to revolutionize indoor climate and air quality through smart sensing and AI technologies. With a deep commitment to sustainability and health, Ran leads the charge in applying data-driven IoT innovations to the fields of HVAC and IAQ, offering transformative solutions to address energy efficiency, airborne pollutants, and the challenges of modern living environments.

🎤 Daniel Bosman (CEO of Our Greenery) is serial entrepreneur and concept designer fascinated by the process of turning ideas into reality, and enjoys designing products and starting companies. From opening a surfboard factory in China, over designing sustainable products for the most part of the museums in Europa and starting and selling sustainable e-commerce brands I am now running our greenery. They decentralize food production and help people to grow their own healthy food with stylish iot products.

🎤 Nicole Büttner (Founder & CEO of Merantix Momentum): Nicole Büttner is the Founder & CEO of Merantix Momentum, bringing impactful ML solutions through a comprehensive AI strategy to their clients. She is also an AI entrepreneur and investor, the World Economic Forum has named her the Digital Leader of Europe, and Capital Magazine has twice placed her in the top 40 under 40. Since 2018 she has been on the Board of Alumni of the University of St.Gallen and regularly writes, lectures and teaches about artificial intelligence, and she is also part of the Young Leaders of Aspen Institute and Rising Talents community of the Women's Forum.

More speakers to be announced soon.

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