Aug 23, 2023

Women's Breakfast - Basel Edition

The Women's Breakfast comes back to Basel🇨🇭🥐

Step into the realm of life sciences innovation at "The Women's Breakfast" in Basel, the epicenter of groundbreaking life sciences & technology advancements.

We are thrilled to bring three remarkable speakers: Elizabeth Theophille, Board Member of Directors of 8x8 and SoftwareONE, Shalini Trefzer, Global AI / Data Lead at Microsoft for Roche, and Nicole Büttner, CEO of Merantix Momentum.

Nicole Büttner, a renowned as an AI strategist and visionary, will lead the discussion into AI's potential to transform the life sciences landscape.

We will hear Shalini Trefzer's groundbreaking contributions in drug development and Azure OpenAI, as she illustrate how AI-driven solutions are revolutionizing healthcare. Based on her role as co-chair of the Data Working Group of the Alliance for AI in Healthcare will bring a comprehensive understanding of the power of data in driving personalized medicine.

Elizabeth Theophille's expertise in technology transformation will provide a glimpse into the latest innovations bridging life sciences and AI. Her experience in leading data-driven initiatives will also shed light on how organizations can effectively leverage AI for improved patient care and research outcomes.

The panel could also explore the responsible use of AI in healthcare, ensuring that innovation is grounded in ethical principles and benefits all patients and stakeholders.

And we will also gain practical insights on fostering diversity and inclusion in life sciences, and how promoting women's leadership roles can fuel innovation.

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to engage with industry visionaries and learn from the pioneers shaping the future of life sciences technology.


Elizabeth Theophille is on the board of 8x8, Inc., SoftwareONE AG and SoftwareONE Holding AG. In the past she was Chief Technology Transformation Officer at Novartis AG, Group Chief Information Officer at Alcatel Submarine Networks SAS and Group Chief Information Officer at Nokia France SA. Ms. Theophille received an undergraduate degree from International Management Centres Association.

Shalini Trefzer has a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering, a Project Management certification from Stanford University and an AI Executive Education from MIT. She is also a public speaker and moderator on the topic of business applications of Artificial Intelligence in Switzerland and globally. The defining moments in Shalini’s career cluster around her contribution to teams who brought the previously unattainable within reach: The world’s first terabit routing system at Cisco Systems; Orally administered drug for Multiple Sclerosis, Gilenya® at Novartis; and most recently, enterprise-ready Azure OpenAI at Microsoft. In 2023, she was peer-nominated to serve as co-chair of the Data Working Group of the Alliance for AI in Healthcare.

Nicole Büttner is the Founder & CEO of Merantix Momentum, bringing impactful ML solutions through a comprehensive AI strategy to their clients. She is also an AI entrepreneur and investor, the World Economic Forum has named her the Digital Leader of Europe, and Capital Magazine has twice placed her in the top 40 under 40.  Since 2018 she has been on the Board of Alumni of the University of St.Gallen and regularly writes, lectures and teaches about artificial intelligence, and she is also part of the Young Leaders of Aspen Institute and Rising Talents community of the Women's Forum.

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