Jun 6, 2023

Women's Breakfast

We are thrilled to present a panel discussion on the topic of "Careers in the AI, ML, and Data Science field" and try to answer questions like …

- How can I climb up the ladder in the tech & AI scene?

- How can I effectively transition into a career in AI, ML, or Data Science without a traditional background in these fields?

- What are the key skills and qualifications that employers look for when hiring for AI and data science roles?

- What are some common misconceptions or myths about careers in AI, ML, or Data Science?

- What are some potential career paths or roles within the AI, ML, and Data Science field that we may not be aware of?

This session will feature panelists who have excelled in their respective roles, and have vast experience in the industry, guiding individuals through their data science career journeys, bridging academia and industry, and the initiatives being undertaken to foster female talent in this rapidly evolving industry.

🎤 Dr. Pola Schwöbel, Applied Scientists at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

🎤 Noa Tamir, Lead Data Science Coach at neue fische & Data Career Coach

🎤 Moojan Asghari, Co-founder of Women in AI & Co-founder & CEO of Thousand Faces

Join us for this enriching conversation moderated by Merantix Momentum's CEO & Founder,Nicole Büttner, as we explore the world of AI, ML, and Data Science careers from diverse perspectives.


9:00 - 9:15 Arrivals & coffee

9:15 - 10:15 Panel & Breakfast

10:15 - 11:00 Networking & Breakfast

About the speakers:

Dr. Pola Schwöbel is an Applied Scientists at Amazon Web Services. She got her PhD in 2022 from the Technical University of Denmark doing research on probabilistic machine learning, invariance learning and AI ethics. She has recently joined AWS in Berlin as an applied scientist where she works on responsible AI.

Noa Tamir are the Lead Data Science Coach at neue fisch. Noa have been involved with the R and PyData communities for some time, with a focus on community building and DEI. Currently, they are a member of the NumFOCUS Board of Directors and DISC committee, a PyLadies Berlin Organizer, and a pandas contributor. In addition, they are a Lead Data Science Coach at neue fische, and are currently developing the Contributor Experience Community and Handbook with Inessa Pawson and Melissa Mendonça.

Moojan Asghari is the Co-founder of Women in AI & Co-founder & CEO of Thousand Faces. Born in Iran and based in Paris, Moojan Asghari is a serial entrepreneur, public speaker, technologist, activist, and a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion. Moojan has founded the global nonprofit Women in AI, an organization across +150 countries with +12,000 members worldwide, to encourage women to take part in the field of Artificial Intelligence and embrace the opportunities of this technology. She is the founder of Thousand Faces, a Web3 reward-based crowdfunding platform to finance SDG-focused companies built by underrepresented entrepreneurs.

Nicole Büttner is the Founder & CEO of Merantix Momentum, bringing impactful ML solutions through a comprehensive AI strategy to their clients. She is also an AI entrepreneur and investor, the World Economic Forum has named her the Digital Leader of Europe, and Capital Magazine has twice placed her in the top 40 under 40. Since 2018 she has been on the Board of Alumni of the University of St.Gallen and regularly writes, lectures and teaches about artificial intelligence, and she is also part of the Young Leaders of Aspen Institute and Rising Talents community of the Women's Forum.

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