Oct 26, 2022

VC Vision - Sustainability and the Supply Chain Through the Eyes of Venture Capital Investors

VC Vision -  Sustainability and the Supply Chain Through the Eyes of Venture Capital Investors

We are continuing with our new series “VC Vision - A Look Through the Eyes of Venture Capital Investors." With this series we intend to approach different topics from the VC perspective: from investing in early stage startups, to founding your own, cybersecurity, manufacturing, machine learning, raising capital, sustainability, and many more topics.

For this session we Henry Palmer, partner at Amplifier, and Tomas van der Heijden, Co-Founder & CEO of Briink. The will combine their expertise in sustainability and supply chain investing to bring an insightful conversation to the attendees. Join this talk to take a deep dive into the true issues pertaining sustainability, the role technology plays in the future of the supply chain, its problems, and the geopolitical pressures involved in the process.

Join this talk with Henry Palmer and Tomas van der Heijden to pick their brains and get the VC Vision! RSVP to this event to secure your spot.

About speakers:

Henry J Palmer is a founding partner at Amplifier Ventures, a Berlin-based early-stage venture capital firm focused on advanced machines, logistics, and industrial transformation for the supply chain. He invested in and helped launch Elephant Gin, supporting conservation and named one of the world’s best gins. Before VC, Henry’s time was spent in think tanks such as the Centre for Policy Studies and advising PE funds on emerging infrastructure tech. Graduating from the LSE with an MSc. in History.

Tomas van der Heijden is the Co-Founder and CEO of Briink, the sustainable finance solution which brings scalable ESG reporting through a proprietary AI engine. The product they are developing allows investors and business leaders to scan, assess and report their ESG metrics while complying to EU regulation - saving hours of endless analyst work. Tomas holds a Law degree from McGill University, in Canada. He previously worked as a Corporate Associate at a law firm and VP of product in a legal tech.

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