Feb 28, 2024

Rare Diseases & AI - The new sphere of possibilities

The potential and challenges of AI in the realm of rare diseases 🧬🧪

The intricate process of diagnosing and seeking treatment for rare diseases turns each case into a challenging journey for the patient. Today, Artificial Intelligence introduces new possibilities. Employing advanced machine learning or deep learning techniques, it has the capacity to advance our comprehension of rare diseases and occasionally even contribute to the diagnosis or monitoring of individual patients.

To commemorate this year’s “World Rare Disease Day,” Campus resident Future4care is hosting the event. The roundtable will dig deep into this subject from diverse perspectives with speakers such as Inga Bergen (Digital Health Expert at Visionaries of Health), Dr. Markus Dietrich (Head of Medical Management Rare Diseases at Sanofi), Vanessa Lemari (Chief Client Officer at Ada Health), and Bernd Rosenbichler (Social Entrepreneur at Alström Syndrome e. V.). Professor Harald Schmidt (Professor and Chair of Pharmacology & Personalised Medicine at Maastricht University) will set the stage with a keynote speech.

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About Future4care:

Future4care is a European ecosystem of multidisciplinary actors dedicated to digital health. Founded in 2021 as a Joint Venture by Orange, Capgemini, Sanofi, and Generali, Future4care brings together major players in e-Health (corporations, scientific experts, healthcare professionals, startups, etc.) with the aim of accelerating the digital transformation in healthcare and facilitating the necessary cross-sector collaborations. Since its launch in Paris, Future4care has been joined by diverse industrial and institutional partners. It recently opened a hub in Berlin, to expand the European ecosystem and drive progress in Germany.

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