Jul 18, 2023

Online Webinar: LLMs for EU Businesses: Overcoming Challenges to Unlock Growth

In Spring 2023, Large Language Models like OpenAI´s GPT-3 and GPT-4 have taken the world by storm. Only a few months later, on 14 June 2023, the European Parliament officially started negotiating a new package of rules for the usage and development of AI in the EU.

As the dust begins to settle, and the race to regulating AI technologies ensues, new questions emerge: how can we build models and tools to make sure EU businesses are able to make the most out of this historical breakthrough, while staying compliant with high standards of data security and privacy?

In this webinar, Johannes Otterbach, Co-founder and CTO of Nyonic and Marcus Tedesco, Technical Lead at Briink, will share their insights into how EU businesses can leverage the cambrian explosion of LLMs, while reimaning future (and regulation)-proof.

About Nyonic: Founded by an all-stars team of leading data scientists, AI and linguistic experts from organizations like SAP, OpenAI, the German AI Association and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, Nyonic is on a mission to build trustworthy foundation models tailored to the needs of the European business landscape.

About Briink: Briink develops applications of LLMs for the analysis and reporting of ESG and Sustainability metrics, with a focus on European regulations. Briink is part of the Merantix ecosystem of ventures, one of Europe´s largest networks of AI experts, and is part of the Global Top 100 list of AI solutions for reaching the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) by the International Research Center on Artificial Intelligence under the auspices of UNESCO.

***Please note: registration for the webinar is mandatory. To register, please use the following Zoom link: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_irul2WNnQEGnlIpsGObn5w#/registration

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