Nov 14, 2023

November's Talk Evening with Pyladies Berlin

What are the challenges of training foundation models on copyrighted content? 🤖 Join us for an evening talk with PyLadies Berlin and ML6 | Your partner in AI to find out!

We are excited to announce the next talk evening with three insightful talks:

Empowering the Future: Girl's Day in Germany by Öykü Gümüş. In her talk, Öykü will share her experience organizing Girls' Day events and her insights on empowering young women and teenage girls to pursue careers in tech.

Developing a Large-scale Creative Commons Dataset for Image by Sharon Grundmann. Sharon will discuss the challenges of training foundation models on copyrighted content and present her solution to this problem: building a large-scale dataset of Creative Commons licensed images. She will also dive into the challenges and how she leverages Fondant, an open-source framework that democratizes data preparation for foundation models, to realize this.

The Tech Talk will be led by a member of the PyLadies Berlin community. The topic of the talk will be announced closer to the event.

About the speakers:

Öykü Gümüş is a software engineer at UP42 with a heart for community involvement. She is passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion in the tech industry, and she has organized Girls' Day events and mentored through Django Girls.

Sharon Grundmann is a Machine Learning Engineer at ML6 | Your partner in AI. Her technical expertise encompasses deep learning, NLP, and computer vision to solve business problems and drive innovation. She also serves as Advisory Board Chair of Students for Children, a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing children's access to education in developing nations

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