Apr 12, 2022

London Calling! Connect with the AI scene in the UK

AI in London - In Conversation with Aldo Faisal

London is one of the world’s leading centres for AI. The sector’s growth is driven by corporates from finance to marketing and e-commerce to cleantech, all looking to become more competitive and to remain agile through applying AI solutions. AI is also prioritised both by the UK and London government with strategies & funding in place.

Join the conversation with Prof. Dr. Faisal to gain an overview of London’s AI landscape and how the ecosystem is developing the next generation of talent, building on the deeptech research strengths, and building frameworks around data ethics and open data. Prof. Dr. Faisal’s insights will be followed with an interactive Q&A with the Merantix founders covering how AI hubs in Europe can support AI companies to grow and scale through collaboration.

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