Sep 27, 2023

Investing in AI with Darian Shirazi

Unleashing the Power of AI and investing in the future

Join us for an exclusive talk with Gradient Ventures and Merantix, as we delve into the transformative world of AI and explore the immense opportunities it presents for investors.Investing in AI has emerged as a key avenue for maximizing returns and driving innovation. This event brings together visionary investors, industry leaders, and forward-thinking entrepreneurs for a deep dive into the evolving AI investment landscape.

For this session, moderated by Janette Wiget, CFO of Merantix, we are thrilled to have Gradient Ventures joining the stage. As Google’s AI-focused venture fund, Gradient Ventures helps founders build transformational companies. The fund focuses on helping founders navigate the challenges in developing new technology products, using the latest best practices in recruiting, marketing, design, and engineering so that great ideas can come to life.

The panel will include:

Darian Shirazi, General Partner at Gradient Ventures.

Adrian Locher, Co-founder and CEO of Merantix.

Janette Wiget, CFO of Merantix.

Whether you are an experienced investor seeking to expand your portfolio, a startup founder, or a curious novice eager to explore the possibilities, this event is the perfect platform to gain invaluable insights and make informed investment decisions.

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