Feb 21, 2024

Generative AI: From Simple Instructions to Multimodality

Join us to explore instruction tuning, reinforcement learning, and multimodality while discussing models from FLAN to GPT-4 to Gemini!

In this event hosted by Grammarly, Oleksandr will discuss the complexities of the field, showcasing key trends, sophisticated approaches, and the current progress that has shaped the landscape of AI.

He will also delve into various aspects, shedding light on the state of NLP pre-2021, the intricacies of instruction tuning, the fascinating world of reinforcement learning from human feedback, the emergence of multimodal models, and insightful conclusions drawn from these advancements.

A must-attend for researchers, ML engineers, and anyone with a keen interest or knowledge in the realm of Artificial Intelligence!

About the Speaker:

Oleksandr Skurzhanskyi is an Applied Research Scientist at Grammarly, leading a project that has helped grow the capabilities of Grammarly’s writing assistance to go way beyond grammar. He has seven years of experience in the machine learning field and is interested in such topics as self-supervised learning, non-autoregressive text generation, and multimodal learning.


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