Apr 3, 2023

AI Liability in the EU & the US: Stifling or Securing Innovation?

Liability for AI systems, and companies that develop work for them, is hotly contested both in the EU and the US. The EU Commission has now unveiled its approach with the publication of two liability directives for software and AI. They will operate in conjunction with the planned AI Act.

This AI for Good Trustworthy Discover session at the AI Campus Berlin will provide insights from legal, business and computer science experts to explore the complex topic of AI liability on both sides of the Atlantic, and to inquire to what extent existing and planned regulation may stifle innovation. The panel will feature the following short inputs:

  • Philipp Hacker: AI Liability in the EU
  • Joe Guagliardo: AI Liability in the US
  • Rasmus Rothe: Industry perspectives concerning AI Liability
  • Wojciech Samek: AI liability, Machine Learning research and XAI (Explainable AI)

Presentations will be followed by hybrid Q&A formats, with live audiences at The Wharton School, Pennsylvania, and at the AI Campus Berlin, as well as the online audience.

For more information, view the European Commission, Proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on Liability for Defective Products (2022) [PLD Proposal] here.

Council of the EU, AI Act, General Approach (2022) here.

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