Nov 23, 2022

AI for Sustainability & Climate Action

XAnge & The Good AI are hosting their first event at the AI Campus Berlin on the 23d November!

Join us for an evening of thoughtful conversations on AI for sustainability and climate action.

We will discuss how AI can bring positive changes in companies and ultimately contribute to build a greener society, with Tomas from Briink, Fadwa from XAnge, Caroline from the Good AI, Philipp from Climatiq and Nasser from Seqana.

About the organizers:

Xange is a European team of venture capital investors that manages €600 million and invests in digital, deeptech and impact startups.

The GoodAI initiative was founded with the goal of promoting responsible development and use of AI in order to benefit humanity as a whole. The GoodAI team consists of leading experts in the field of AI safety, including researchers, engineers, and policy-makers. Through their work, they aim to promote best practices for developing safe and beneficial AI systems.

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