Jun 4, 2024

Investing in AI - OpenAI Startup Fund x Merantix

Get ready for Merantix’s next "Investing in AI" Breakfast Series! We're thrilled to announce that the OpenAI Startup Fund will be joining us for this upcoming session!

We're honored to welcome Ian Hathaway, Partner at the OpenAI Startup Fund, to the Campus to have a conversation with Rasmus Rothe, Founder & GP at Merantix, and explore the AI investment landscape, sharing invaluable insights and opening the floor to the audience to create a great discussion.

The OpenAI Startup Fund is investing $175 million to help AI companies have a profound impact on the world, and they are looking to partner with early-stage startups in fields where artificial intelligence can have a transformative effect—like healthcare, law, education, energy & infrastructure, the sciences, and more—and where AI tools can empower people by helping them be more productive.

Merantix has been building AI since 2016 and it is a leading early-stage AI investor. They have built Europe's largest AI platform and is uniquely positioned to identify the next 100 groundbreaking ideas and turn them into category-defining companies. Their commitment goes beyond just funding, and they provide an unmatched foundation for revolutionary ideas, supporting exceptional founders to pursue audacious goals in building deep-tech and deep-science ventures.

After the talk and a Q&A session, stay around for some delicious coffee and croissants while networking with fellow founders and investors.🥐☕

Spots are limited! Apply to attend the event!

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