Jan 24, 2024

London AI Campus Pop-up: AI Applications in Highly Regulated Financial Markets

In a highly regulated market, innovation can present challenges. As one of the largest fintech start-up hubs in the world, the UK is uniquely positioned to lead the way in AI-driven financial transformation 💸

What are regulatory concerns when it comes to widespread adoption? Why is the UK uniquely positioned to lead the way with AI in finance? And where are the opportunities for optimistic founders in this field?

Our upcoming panel discussion dives into these crucial questions, offering a vibrant exploration of the current and future state of AI in finance and how to address the emerging challenges. We will dive into the topic with the help of experts in the field:

🎤 Pinar Ozcan, a professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Oxford University, and the academic director of the Oxford Entrepreneurship Centre.

🎤 Matt Armstrong-Barnes, Chief Technologist AI at HPE

🎤 Anouk Moll, Founder in Residence at Merantix

🎤 Erkin Oksel, Founder and CEO of EyesClear

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from these industry professionals. Come join us!

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More about the speakers:

Pinar Ozcan is a professor or Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Oxford University. Additionally, she is the academic director of the Oxford Entrepreneurship Centre, and the Oxford Future of finance and technology (fintech) initiative. Her expertise in entrepreneurship in the fintech industry make her a professional in the regulatory framework in place in the UK, and how to best merge AI and fintech despite many obstacles.

Matt Armstrong-Barnes is a seasoned technology leader, currently serving as Chief Technology Officer for Artificial Intelligence at HPE. With a rich background as a Global Account CTO, he excels in driving strategic engagements and developing multimillion-pound portfolios. As the chair of the Smart Cities initiative at techUK, Matt is dedicated to fostering innovation and growth opportunities.

Anouk Moll, Founder in Residence at Merantix, is a Berlin-based entrepreneur specializing in AI startups, currently exploring Fintech & Regtech applications. As the Founder of EMPOWR, she focuses on promoting mentorship for women. Previously, Anouk drove innovation at ABN AMRO Bank N.V., leading the ID & pay venture. With a knack for product management and entrepreneurship, she delivered successful MVPs, implemented commercial strategies, and fostered key relationships. Anouk's passion extends to her role as Talks Lead at Oxford Entrepreneurs, contributing to the growth of entrepreneurship ecosystems.

Erkin Oksel is the founder and CEO of EyesClear. With a background in Corporate and Investment banking, as well as extensive experience in Digital Strategy and Controls at Citi, Erkin currently leads EyesClear, a London-based company focused on simplifying finance management through AI-driven products. As the founder, Erkin’s role involves bringing together a dynamic team to develop products like EyesClear EXEC, NOTIFICATIONS, and OPS, which aim to revolutionize analytics and AI in finance operations. His commitment lies in removing barriers to innovation, ensuring high product quality, and fostering a motivated and energized team.


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