Mar 28, 2022

SafeAI Tech Community First Meeting

Join the first meeting of the SafeAI Tech Community on March 28 with Safe AI/Trustworthy AI players from research, industry, startups, conformity auditors, and regulatory authorities.

Having hosted their very first chat in January, Dr. Tarek R. Besold, Head of Strategic AI at DEKRA DIGITAL, and Dr. Mirko Knaak, Head of AI Safety at IAV, are moving forward with the SafeAI Tech Community building and kicking off the first meeting, where you will discuss and learn more about:

  • Overview of activities since the SafeAI Tech Chat in January
  • First sketch of planned community activities
  • Introduction of the community steering group
  • Collection of SafeAI use cases
  • SafeAI keynote by Neurocat(

Tarek R. Besold

  • Dr. Tarek R. Besold is Head of Strategic AI at DEKRA DIGITAL. Before taking up his role in the management team of the DEKRA AI Hub, which was founded in 2020, he held various positions as CTO at a Berlin deep-tech start-up, as Chief Science Officer of Telefonica's Digital Health Moonshot in Barcelona, and as Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Data Science at City, University of London. Tarek completed his PhD in 2014 at the Institute for Cognitive Science in Osnabrück on topics at the interface between cognition and AI. He is chairman of the DIN standardization committee for Artificial Intelligence (NA 043-01-42 AA) and a member of the AI expert advisory board of Microsoft Germany.

Mirko Knaak

  • Mirko Knaak: Holding a Ph.D. in electrical engineering, he has more than 20 years of experience in artificial intelligence (AI) with affiliation with several renowned research institutions and research-oriented companies. He is co-author of more than 40 peer-reviewed publications. His second professional passion is international business. After his study in this field in Washington DC, he was the managing director of an engineering company in Japan where he lived in 2000th years, closely integrated in the scientific exchange about AI. Currently, he is focusing to the digital transformation in the business unit “digital solutions” of the tech solution provider IAV in Berlin. This includes the technical side of the transformation like AI as well the digital mindset including agile organizations and design thinking. His current main topic is the assurance of AI – safeAI.
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