Sep 8, 2023

Safe & Secure: Safety Measures in Neural Network Compression

Join us for the next Safe & Secure AI Community session on “Safety Measures in Neural Network Compression”

We're thrilled to invite you to our upcoming event, part of the Safe & Secure AI Community event series. In the dynamic landscape of AI, compressing deep neural networks for efficient deployment is gaining momentum. However, techniques like pruning and quantization, while enhancing efficiency, also introduce concerns about model reliability and robustness. Join us as expert Pallavi Mitra, Doctoral Researcher at Continental, discusses systematic safety evaluation methods for compressed models, ensuring accuracy, perturbation resilience, and intended functionality preservation.

Mark your calendar for an engaging session that could shape your approach to neural network compression safety. Make sure you RSVP to secure your spot 🎟️ or join us on virtually 🖥️


Pallavi Mitra is a doctoral researcher at Continental with a strong passion for tackling real-world challenges using predictive learning, statistical modeling, and optimization techniques. Holding a Masters' degree in Data Science, she has honed her skills in machine learning and continues to expand her expertise in the field and brought years of valuable research and development experience, particularly in the areas of Sustainable Energy, Telematics, and Autonomous Vehicles.

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