May 6, 2022

Safe AI Tech Community: Proposal for AI Safety and Security Framework

For this instalment of the Safe AI Tech Community chats, the focus will be “Proposal for AI Safety and Security Framework” leading to topics like: the overview of the ongoing activities, collaboration tools, as well as an intriguing presentation contributed by IAV.


For this chat, the speakers will be Mirko Knaak, Head of AI Safety at IAV, and Christian Kruschel, Team Manager at IAV. 



The application of AI in critical situations has three requirements based on a proper risk analysis for the target application.

First, it requires AI architectures that have the potential for an application in critical areas, e.g. by being multi-staged or having supervisory components.

The second requirement is a strict process for a safety argumentation. This safety argumentation is providing evidence that the trained model architecture mitigates all identified risks to an appropriate level. The evidence can be life-cycle-based, e.g. documentation of sufficient coverage with training, or performance based.

Lastly, a toolbox for an efficient generation of this evidence is essential for an application of AI beyond a proof-of-concept.

This talk suggests a framework with these elements. Its applicability is being demonstrated with an automotive use case.



Here are some IMPORTANT details:

The event will again be held as a 2G+ event; in our case meaning that you (i) should be vaccinated or recovered – ideally also having received a booster shot – and (ii) additionally ought to bring a negative Covid test dating to the same day (i.e., 06/05). If you cannot make it to the AI Campus, but would be interested in dialling in let us know and we will again try to set up an online participation option.

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