Mar 22, 2023

How GfK & ML6 scaled a Data Science Platform on GCP

GfK and ML6 invite you to join us for an inspiring evening on March 22, where we will deep-dive into MLOps' best practices and how you can bring high-quality data pipelines into production faster. Nilesh More (Principal Engineer, GfK), Peter Grimshaw (Senior MLE, GfK) and Robbe Sneyders (Principal ML Engineer, ML6) will explain how they collaborated to build a data science platform on Google’s Vertex AI, enabling GfK to bring insights to production in weeks instead of months and at much lower costs.

Our last speaker of the evening, Jakob Pörschmann (Google Cloud Customer Engineer) will show how GCP accelerates the adoption of MLOps pipelines. Google is arguably the largest user of ML in production. At scales of billions of users and thousands of models served every day, the company is an active contributor to the MLOps research and open-source community.This talk gives an overview of what we learned over the years. It provides an insight into the tools and best practices we use ourselves. Finally, we explore how all this is translated into the design of MLOps tools on GCP.

The guest list includes data profiles from a variety of companies across industries. The evening is designed to network, exchange and enjoy food and drinks.

The event will take place at the AI Campus in Berlin. Please to secure your seat at our event.


‍17:30 - 18:00  Welcoming

18:00 - 18:15  Introduction by ML6

18:15 - 19:00  Keynote by  Nilesh More, Peter Grimshaw & Robbe Sneyders

19:10 - 19:40  Keynote by Jakob Pörschmann, "Serving Machine Learning Models to Billions of Users"

‍19:40 - 22:00 Walking Dinner & Drinks‍

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