Mar 26, 2024

Generating Velocity: Connecting GenAI to the Telco World

How is AI reshaping the telecommunications landscape? 📞

Join us for an evening of networking and insights as we delve into Deutsche Telekom's AI journey and glimpse into our promising future with hubraum!

This time, we are having Daniel Mahlow, co-founder of Contiamo, a hubraum investee, to shed light on innovative GenAI applications within the telco industry. He'll discuss innovations in LLMs and Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG), as well as the efficiency benefits AI brings to telecom operations. He'll also showcase AI's role in customer support and empowering knowledge workers, while addressing security and privacy challenges and offering insights into the future landscape through an interactive Q&A session.Don't miss the opportunity to learn about AI in telecommunications and connect with your fellows in the field!

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About the speaker:

Daniel Mahlow is a runner, hacker, and avid learner. Born in Berlin, he has dedicated over a decade to working in software development and data infrastructure. Currently, he leads the generative AI team at Contiamo, implementing diverse AI use cases across multiple industries.

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