Dec 13, 2021

Fireside Chat with Yousuf Khan: Selling AI solutions to CxOs

We are excited to host a Fireside Chat with our Founder Rasmus Rothe & Yousuf Khan, Partner at Ridge Ventures. During this chat, they will share insights & expertise on the following topics: building successful customer success & sales teams, what C level looks for, scaling, go-to-market strategies & market messaging.

Yousuf Khan, Partner at Ridge Ventures

Yousuf focuses on supporting founders through the vantage point of deep start-up experience having held multiple operating roles. He currently serves as board director for Polly, the leading survey solution in Slack and Microsoft Teams and Ridge-backed Rewind, the leading backup solution for business-critical web applications.

Prior to joining Ridge, Yousuf was the first-ever CIO of Automation Anywhere, a global leader in Robotic Process Automation. He was the CIO and Vice President of Customer Success at cloud-based AI platform Moveworks, as well as CIO of Pure Storage, Qualys, and Hult International Business School. He continues to host monthly CIO events amongst his peers which have become known as group therapy dinners where problem solving and design partnership lead conversations.

He holds a BSc in Business Management from King’s College London.

Rasmus Rothe, Founder at Merantix

Rasmus Rothe is the co-founder and CTO of Merantix, the world’s first venture studio for AI, co-initiaator of the AI Campus Berlin, the leading AI community hub in Berlin, and a renowned deep learning researcher.

He has published over 15 academic papers with more than 1000 citations on deep learning while attending Oxford, Princeton, and ETH Zurich, where he received his Ph.D and launched a face recognition service with 150m+ users.

In 2019, he was featured on Forbes “30 under 30”. Rasmus is a founding board member of the German Association of AI, devising and implementing the national AI strategy in close cooperation with the German government.

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