May 13, 2022

Deep Tech Friday: S3 - SaaS, Satoshi and Snowflake

AWS and AI Campus would like to invite you to join us as we go through the day with some hot topics from the tech startup ecosystem. Technology, startups sharing their experiences, experts and early exponents talking about Web3 and VCs discussing developments in SaaS – there is something for everyone on this day.

Below you can find the links to the 3 different events taking place throughout the day. Make sure you click on the event you are interested in and RSVP.

RSVP --> Startup Analytics Exchange with Snowflake and AWS
According to Forbes: “90% of all data in the world was generated in the last two years.” To drive value out of your data and deliver unique services to your customers, you need a strong, scalable and reliable data platform. Snowflake is a leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) data platform provider used by many companies of all sizes and across industries.
Join us to learn from Snowflake experts about their data cloud. Also, hear from two startups – one unicorn and one early stage, on how using Snowflake on AWS helps them deliver cutting-edge products.
This session will be moderated by Ermin Dzinic from AWS

RSVP --> AWS Crypto/Web 3 panels

  • AWS Crypto Exchange Partnership Panel: Creating a crypto exchange takes a village. Web3 and blockchain is a story of partnerships, and this panel will illustrate how different companies are collaborating to launch the next generation of financial exchanges
  • AWS Building Blocks of Web 3 Panel: Blockchains are the foundation of Web 3. From the original decentralised ledger, Bitcoin, there have been a proliferation of new blockchains. This panel will feature some of the most prominent new companies that are forming the next generation of blockchain building blocks

The two sessions on Crypto and Web3 will be moderated by David Engel from AWS.

RSVP --> AWS SaaS Investor Roundtable
Amazon Web Services (AWS) invites you to a session with leading Berlin investors, Cherry VC and Paua Ventures, to discuss the fundraising outlook, best practices for your SaaS startup, Go-to-Market strategies and learnings from their portfolio. There will be an opportunity to interact with the panelists and other participants in a casual setting after the panel discussion.

The session will be moderated by Gergo Kalcsics from AWS.

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