Jun 28, 2023

ChatGTP in Drug Discovery & Development - Basel Special

Join us in Basel 🇨🇭 for our upcoming panel discussion on the transformative potential of AI models like ChatGPT in drug discovery and development 🧬

We will explore the applications, benefits, challenges, and ethical considerations. Whether you are an experienced scientist, startup founder, or a curious novice eager to explore the possibilities, this event is the perfect platform to gain invaluable insights and get inspired.

The panel will include Nicole Büttner, CEO and managing director of Merantix Momentum, Dr. Cerdic Berger, Head of Knowledge Extraction & Integration at Roche and Dr. Sigourney Waibel, Entrepreneur in Residence at Merantix. 

We highly encourage active participation and will dedicate ample time to address your questions, concerns, and suggestions.

We strongly believe that AI models such as ChatGPT have the power to revolutionize numerous companies and industries. Don't miss this opportunity to gain insights and register now to secure your place in our engaging panel discussion!

About the speakers

Nicole Büttner is the Founder & CEO of Merantix Momentum, bringing impactful ML solutions through a comprehensive AI strategy to their clients. She is also an AI entrepreneur and investor, the World Economic Forum has named her the Digital Leader of Europe, and Capital Magazine has twice placed her in the top 40 under 40. Since 2018 she has been on the Board of Alumni of the University of St.Gallen and regularly writes, lectures and teaches about artificial intelligence, and she is also part of the Young Leaders of Aspen Institute and Rising Talents community of the Women's Forum.

Cedric Berger, the Head of Knowledge Extraction and Integration at Roche, brings over 10 years of invaluable experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Cedric holds a PhD in biophysics and a MBA in Technology and Innovation Management. Cedric worked 8 years in biomedical fundamental research and 7 years in drug development both in private and public organisations. Since 2016, Cedric has been involved in the management of data, information and knowledge in healthcare.

Dr. Sigourney Waibel is a Venture Scientist with more than 9 years of experience in academia and commercialisation of Deep Medtech. She holds a PhD in AI and Neuroscience from Imperial College London. After graduating, she co-created and led a spin out accelerating clinical trials with patented digital biomarkers, for which she received several awards including a UK Research and Innovation Grant.

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