May 10, 2022

Artificial Intelligence in the Industry, Powered by German AI Association

The AI Campus and AI Association (KI Bundesverband e.V.) invites you to an event series through the year 2022. AI enthusiasts as well as anyone curious about it, particularly those with a background in the industry, are invited to meet members from the AI association (KI Bundesverband e.V.) presenting their solutions for problems especially from manufacturing and industrial processes.

For the second event, we will focus on technology. We are happy to welcome Operaize with its founder Christoph Lieth and Head of Development Alexander Biele, and Elevait with CTO Gregor Blichmann. 

Cognitive Operations© - Efficiency & Sustainability

Operaize is a Cologne-based AI startup specialized on AI-powered optimization of production planning & control. The product is shaped by combining AI-based production planning knowledge representation, analytics and optimization methods enabling high quality planning and decision making in real time. Christoph will introduce the overall method of cognitive operations and how it fits in today’s industrial business software platforms like SAP. Alexander will provide some further insights into the solving and optimization technologies which deliver the real-time edge. 

The rules for success of AI-based business process automation

Elevait is a german-based software provider with the aim of automating business processes by facilitating AI. In his presentation, Gregor is presenting the basic idea and techniques that elevait is using to automate document-centric business processes for their customers. The vision of elevait is to provide cost-efficient AI products by facilitating generalized models, e.g. for image classification, text interpretation, or handwriting detection. By combination with a micro-service architecture different models can be easily reused in different products and use cases. But to successfully automate business processes, the facilitation of AI techniques is not enough. Most processes inside a company rely on a big set of implicit or explicit knowledge of the contributing employees. In the second half of the talk, Gregor will talk about how elevait enables their customers to integrate this knowledge into their system to successfully automate from end to end.


In the next event of the series Artificial Intelligence in the Industry, powered by the German AI Association, we want to meet in-person - Stay tuned!

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