Apr 4, 2023

AI Meets SaaS

AI meets SaaS: Recent AI Breakthroughs & the Current AI Media Hype

How will recent AI breakthroughs change the SaaS investment theses?

The success recipe of SaaS investments used to be investing heavily in engineering teams and customer acquisition to create significant moats. But what if the cost of building software falls significantly, powered by generative AI? How defensible will SaaS products be in the future? What are the opportunities for deploying AI in SaaS?


  • Jasper Masemann, Cherry Ventures.
  • Romeo Walter, Fly Ventures.
  • Gloria Bäuerlein, Angel investor.


  • Janette Wiget, CFO of Merantix.

Current AI media hype - An opportunity for business and funding strategy?

AI and ChatGPT can´t be overseen in today's media outlets. But what does the hype really mean for SaaS and AI business models? Does awareness change on the customer side and has selling of AI enabled products become easier? Is fundraising with AI models a no brainer nowadays? And what needs to be adapted on the strategy roadmap?


  • Dr. Thomas Lindemann, Co-Founder of Fyrfeed.
  • Tomas van der Heijden, Co-Founder & CEO of Briink.
  • Celina Messner, Co-Founder at clare&me.


  • Julius Göllner


6pm: Welcome by Merantix and ARRtist

6:15pm: Investor Panel

6:45pm Founder Panel: Thomas Lindemann and Tomas van der Heijden

7:15pm Networking

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